Graduate Certificates Indexing (CI-GCI)


Graduate Certificates Indexing (CI-GCI)

CAMBRIDGE CERT has created the international indexing database (GCI) to record and make it possible to review information of college/university educations of graduates around the world. This can be used as an authoritative and international reference point used to validate graduates.


All college/university graduates can register information about their education credentials in the CAMBRIDGE CERT database.



Graduates who have an account in CAMBRIDGE CERT can register the following information for their graduate certificates in the CI-GCI database:

  • Graduated full name;
  • Field of study;
  • Grade;
  • University/Institution;
  • Country and city;
  • Grade-point average;
  • Date of graduation;
  • Graduate certificate/official translation (Photo).



The information registered in the CAMBRIDGE CERT international database provides online validation through a dedicated registration number for individuals and organizations around the world.


To register information of your graduate certificates in the CI-GCI database, Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, Sign up.


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