Research Papers Indexing (CI-RPI)


Research Papers Indexing (CI-RPI)

International indexing of research papers and their results plays an important role in the development of human knowledge and the introduction of international researchers and as an international indicator, it shows the scientific ability of researchers.


CAMBRIDGE CERT has created the international indexing database (CI-RPI) for the registration and sharing of information about research papers by researchers around the world, which can be used as a credible and international reference point for evaluating its research activities. This database is an international directory of prestigious scientific articles that has been published worldwide by researchers in various fields.


All researchers can register information of their research papers in the CAMBRIDGE CERT database.



Researchers who have an account in CAMBRIDGE CERT can register the following information for their research papers in the CI-RPI database:

  • Full name of author(s);
  • Research paper title;
  • Keywords of research paper;
  • Abstract of research paper.



The information registered in the CAMBRIDGE CERT international database provides online validation through a dedicated registration number for individuals and organizations around the world.


To register information of your research papers in the CI-RPI database, Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, Sign up.


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