Training Courses Indexing (CI-TCI)


Training Courses Indexing (CI-TCI)

In today's world, due to the diversity of sciences and specializations, much of the knowledge and experiences of people are learned informally outside the formal environment of the school and university, such as short and medium-term specialized skills training offered at the centers Informal education and educational institutions.


CAMBRIDGE CERT has created the international indexing database (CI-TCI) to record and make it possible to review information of short and medium-term courses provided by the training centers around the world. It can be used as an authoritative and international reference point to confirm the type and level of skill of individuals.


All centers and educational institutions that provide educational services based on their legal activities in their country can register information about courses offered to their applicants in the CAMBRIDGE CERT database.



Centers and educational institutions that have already been approved by CAMBRIDGE CERT can register the following information to applicants of their courses in the CI-TCI database:

  • Applicant full name;
  • Name of the institution or training center;
  • Training course title;
  • Country/City of holding the training course;
  • Year of holding the training course;
  • Duration of training (hours);
  • Total score of applicant.



The information registered in the CAMBRIDGE CERT international database provides online validation through a dedicated registration number for individuals and organizations around the world.


To use this service, the information of the center or educational institution must be confirmed by the CAMBRIDGE CERT. Refer to: “Companies and Institutions Indexing” for registering information and sending your training center documents.


To register information of applicants for your training courses in the CI-TCI database, Sign in to your account. If you do not have an account, Sign up.


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