How Do You Put a Certificate on a Resume?


07 August 2019

How Do You Put a Certificate on a Resume?

Firstly, each applicant should assess their different certificates and decide whether or not each certificate is relevant and significant enough to be included.
Some jobseekers will have a long list of certifications to be mentioned on a resume while others may have very few or none at all. That is why it’s essential to decide which are your best resume additional certifications so as not to include unnecessary details.


It is crucial for candidates to distinguish between what should be included in a certificates section on a resume and what should be classed as honors and awards. Keep in mind that certain accomplishments may have given you a certificate but they do not always fit the category of certifications and licenses for a resume. If in doubt, remember to refer to the job vacancy and stick to only using relevant certifications, either necessary or recommended for the job description.


Depending on the candidate’s professional profile and the amount of pertinent certifications they have, some jobseekers may wish to create a certifications and licenses resume section dedicated specifically to this information, following the format explained below.
Whereas, there will be applicants who can simply add the suitable certifications in other resume sections such as education or training.


Where to include certifications on a resume can also depend on the importance of each qualification. Even if you decide to create a separate section, there remains the question as to where to put a certifications section. Each candidate can choose whether to include this section before their academic information but it is vital not to list certifications on a resume as an afterthought if they are relevant to the position you’re applying to.


Finally, if the certifications that you choose to include list on a resume are also considered credentials or are requirements for the vacancy on offer, it is highly recommended to indicate the licenses or certifications in various sections.
This could be as part of the initial name and contact information as initials in the case of licensed accountants, lawyers, doctors, nurses etc. Or you could allude to the diploma or license in a resume objective or skills section.


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