7th November, Project Management Day


09 February 2020

7th November, Project Management Day

There’s a huge project on the table, the kind of project that takes months if not years to finish, and dozens if not hundreds of people to properly manage. The resources needed for this are going to be immense, and keeping all the moving parts coordinated will no doubt be a challenge for the ages.

Without being properly managed, the whole thing will fall apart, or at the very least take much longer and more money than it should. Who do we look to when we find a situation like this? Project Managers. Project Management Day honors the Project Manager and encourages the people and organizations that rely on them to do the same.


Project Management Day first came about in 2004, spearheaded by Laverne Johnson and Lori Milhaven in conjunction with the men and women of the IIL (International Institute of Learning) team. They knew the hard work that project managers do, and how much they add to a project coming off efficiently and on time, with all the p’s and q’s crossed.

Project Managers make sure that everything’s moving smoothly, and work in every industry and sector, from, government to volunteer. Project Management Day focuses on bringing the recognition they deserve for helping our greatest goals come about with smooth competence.

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